3D Virtual Smart Factory

& Commercial Digital Twin

Slash survey time and travel costs with a 3D Virtual Tour of your commercial building, & provide a spatial context to data, linking in live sensor IoT devices, & livestreamed video feeds.

Digital Twins

To optimise facility managment, training, disaster planning, inventory, insurance, maintenance & planning.

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) IoT Digital Twinmaker compatible

Never lose the location of an asset again

Quick understanding of the spatial context of issues

Reduce arguments over insurance claims with an accurate copy of your building

  Up to 80% Saving

 in site survey costs


  Expedited Design

of new projects 


  Digitise your maintenance records and inventory and tag to the piece of equipment they relate to - virtually


  With a Digital Twin of Your Premises
    Do you wish you could visualise your whole premises, and quickly point visitors in the right direction.  No worries, we can do that.

    Do you waste a lot of time and money trying to locate and verify assets?  Not a problem anymore, with a visual inventory of your whole site, with asset tagging & specification recording.
    Do you need to replicate your site in a new location or in a franchise?  We can provide a digital copy of the original, as the template for setting up the new site.

    Have your maintenance records become overwhelming?  Eliminate legwork by tagging documents directly to the 3D equipment they relate to.
    Do you spend a lot of time surveying with a tape measure and drawings?  Cut this out with easy production of accurate floor plans and measurable 3D models.

      Rocket charge survey time with our fast point cloud depth + HD visual capture

      Eliminate travel time and costs for training, planning and spatial contextualisation

      Generate new income with paid virtual entry to your facilities and iconic spaces & rent it out

          Time Savings with a Digital Twin

          Do you want more time?

            • Reduced staff time and travel costs - due to critical building intelligence and orientation being available online in your 3D virtual twin
            • Ongoing asset management services are streamlined using your 3D twin as a repository for maintenance records and repair details as well as for recording the timing of upcoming activity
            • Removal of reliance on individual staff members to locate machinery once tagged within the 3D virtual twin
            • Ability to teleport visitors to a specific location on your virtual site
            • The start of design for new projects is expedited via using the 3D model of the as is facility
              • The 3D digital twin is ideal to start site remodeling work, to optimize equipment installation, and to ensure that there will be no clashes for new equipment
              • 3D locationally based messaging feature for discussion among teams/with contractors on a specific issue
              • In 3D virtual twin video calling, to enable seamless joint or separate site exploration, while on a joint call
              • Sharing of information easily with maintenance personnel
              • I mproved collaboration between distant teams who can all access and meet in your 3D twin

              IoT environmental sensor feeds

              Have a quick overview of what is happening where, by linking the live cloud based output from your sensors - occupancy, temperature, energy usage etc into your digital twin.