6 Benefits of Virtual Tour Videos


Experience for yourself

1).  Access a Global audience 24/7

No limit on capacity!

Did you ever dream of welcoming guests from all over world into your space, at any time of the day or night, without you having to be there? 

With a 3D virtual tour you can do this without the place feeling crowded, no matter how many thousand people are inside!

Whatever your industry - from letting agents to retailers, from hotels to virtual art galleries, benefit from boosting your global visibility now.

2).  Earn new income by charging for virtual entry and e-commerce in 3D

Do you want a hassle free new stream of passive income, that harnesses the latent power of the assets you already own? 

Do you want to provide exciting new benefits to your membership, at little cost? 

Look no further, we can provide a "pay per visit" timed entry to your iconic spaces, with a premium entry for the most sought after spots paid directly to your Paypal. 

Alternatively provide this as a benefit/utility to the premium members of your community.

For retailers, or brands with any merchandise, provide a 3D e-commerce space for customers to browse immersively and make purchases.

Do you have a temporary exhibition, or a physical space that is going to be demolished/out of commission that you would like to preserve in life like virtual reality, as a free or paid online experience?  Maybe you just want to preserve a copy of a house you are about to move out of for future generations to experience.

We can help with this preservation.

3).  A deeper & longer follower engagement

Up to 300% more engagement than 2D websites in some sectors.

Do you wish for more engagement with your potential customers and fans alike?

Do you want to let them have a deeper and immersive experience of your brand?

We can provide this now!  Research has shown that in a 3D space your customers spend more time than potentially less interesting 2D pages.  Not only this, you can clearly highlight your best bits, and curate an emotional customer experience with all aspects of your brand.

Virtual visitor analytics available to show heatmaps on the footfall of time spent in your virtual spaces.

4).  Quicker and higher value sales & lettings

Do you want to increase your sales and letting prices?

Do you want to increase the size of the pool of bidders who have become fans of your space, and have a longer waiting list of suitors?

Do you want to reduce time spent in the the viewing and filtering process?

This is all possible now. 

With a 3D virtual tour research as shown an increase in sales price. 

With a larger pool of visitors able to get excited about your property without the need to travel naturally increases the bidding pool which assists in building the length of your waiting lists and subsequently the letting prices possible.

As soon as notice is given by one of your tenants, the 3D virtual tour can be used to show off the space, long before the tenant has vacated, without you having to wait for the cleaning to be completed.

Let visitors automatically filter themselves out, without a drain on your time, by providing a life like immersion in the property, so that you only need to spend your precious time on more qualified leads.

5).  Massive Savings on travel costs & survey time

And easy collaboration with team members, and contractors, all over the world!

Do you wish you could get a whole global team of specialists inside your project property without having to incur all the costs and time of international travel?

Would you like to dramatically cut the time it takes to get a dimensional survey of either new or existing sites to expedite the start of project planning

Do you dream of being able to provide orientation and training/safety briefings to both employees and visitors before they arrive on site or without needing to come to site at all?

What about having a digital twin of your property that can be used for inventory, insurance, maintenance logging, and disaster planning records for all to access.

You can have all of these capabilities now with a high definition, shareable digital replica of your premises, onto which you can tag inventory items, log maintenance records, curate training experiences, measure dimensions, annotate emergency facilities, and much more, all accessible on a Zoom style call.

6) Get Web3 and Metaverse ready with avatars, NFTs, and Smart Building Twins

Are you bored of plain 2D Zoom calls? And long for  a unique take on virtual networking opportunities?

Do you want to stay relevant and start to build the bridge into your Web3 offer?

Do you want a quick and effective way to put your business in the Metaverse?

We can help start your Metaverse journey with a CGI hub (a bespoke 3D space that doesn't exist in reality) combined with a 3D version .

We can help you to provide avatar based ice breaking events, where people can bump into each other and have fun exploring in a group inside a virtual copy of your premises online.

Did you dream of creating and showing off NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) in your space?  Do you want to explore new utility and member benefit opportunities?

No worries, we can create a part CGI and part reality capture, online 3D space/gallery to create a buzz for your visitors, for your university, your film set, your recording studio or whatever else you work your magic in!

What about having a Smart Digital Twin of your real world space, with live sensor and video feeds to enable deep insight into how your space is being used and managed?

We can help with this as the Digital Twin movement goes from strength to strength.  AWS (Amazon Warehouse Services) IoT Digital Twinmaker compatible.